Stock Market Astrology: Positive and Negative Impact of Astrology on the Stock Market

Is Stock Market Astrology for real? Which planet is responsible for the stock market? Which zodiac sign is good in the stock market? Will 2021 be a good year for the stock market? Is the stock market going to work for me this year? These are several such questions that beg to be answered – let’s attempt to answer them here.

Stock Market Astrology for beginners

Astrology – A background

We have always known planets to be a part of the solar system. There are other heavenly bodies likes stars which also are an integral part of astronomy*. Most of us in India have heard of a Kundli (horoscope) – also known as a birth chart. A birth chart is a map of the planets at the time of your birth. And if one needed interpretation of the same one would visit an astrologer to “decode” the Kundli.

The different positions of planets and other celestial bodies of the universe, at the precise moment of a person’s birth, are highly influential factors in his / her life. It gives essential insights into a person’s natural blueprint and the broad course of life. These planetary effects on human behaviour create different temperaments, which manifest in different ways and other aspects of the individual’s life. 

Stock Market Astrology – Sample of a Horoscope

stock market astrology for beginners
The 12 Houses of Astrology

Why does this happen? Think of the sky like a giant circle divided into 360 degrees. Each sign of the zodiac occupies 30 degrees (360 divided by the 12 zodiac signs): Aries followed by Taurus followed by Gemini and so on. Likewise, there are 27 nakshatras (stars) in the sky – each placed in sequence akin to the Zodiac signs. The 360 degrees now are divided into 13.33 degrees for each nakshatra.

stock market astrology
The Zodiac Signs and Nakshatras

The Moon and planets in the sky are in a state of movement and each at their own pace. Wouldn’t be entirely wrong to say that the sky, therefore, is much like a constantly changing canvas. In light of this background, the birth chart is a snapshot of the sky at the precise moment someone is born. 

Some sample birth chart readings are as follows:

  • Sun in 12° 23′ Taurus 
  • Moon in 3° 58′ Scorpio 
  • Mercury in 8° 45′ Taurus (r)
  • Venus in 8° 49′ Aries 
  • Mars in 4° 4′ Aries 
  • Jupiter in 6° 11′ Gemini 
  • Saturn in 10° 22′ Leo 

Each celestial object is associated with specific characteristics and qualities. These characteristics and the interplay between the celestial objects result in an environment. Thus, the setting works out to be conducive to some, unfavourable to some and indifferent for the remaining.

Stock Market Astrology: Interplay of Astronomy & Human Psychology

What is astrology? Astrology is the study of the relationships between movements and interactions of the planets and human behaviour. Armoured with this astrology knowledge, let’s connect it to the stock market’s workings aka ‘Financial Astrology’. Financial astrology is the study of the link between the movements and interactions of the planets with market behaviour.

The stock market works on the human emotions of fear and greed – fear of missing out and greed to amass more. While fear and greed are the dominant emotions, other threads of the human fabric like one-upmanship, pride, urgency, ego, optimism, pessimism etc. alsoplay out in the stock market’s dealings daily. 

So there are situations and reactions of people to these situations or events. Conditions are caused by many reasons – some of which could be attributed to the celestial movements happening up above. And while the human reaction may seem to be a result of the external signals alone, movements of the planets and their position in one’s birth chart hold the key to understanding this reaction.

The Moon phases are well-known in scientific circles for their effects on the ocean’s tides and on the mating behaviour in certain species. The Full Moon is known to psychologists for bumping up the rates of violent crime and irrational behaviour. The terms ‘lunacy’ and ‘lunatic’ are drawn from the general observation of how the Moon affects mental and emotional states. 

So how can astrology affect financial markets? The planets’ energy combinations affect humans, which in turn affects the mass social mood on the planets. If a large enough mass of people participate and interact to form a marketplace, then the planetary behaviour can be used as a proxy to predict financial market behaviour. Stock market astrology does not guarantee that events will unfold, but it gives one a road map for likely outcomes.

Stock Market Astrology: What happens when your Sun is strong?

A strong Sun in the horoscope indicates a person with leadership qualities. Such a person usually enjoys a higher position in society and shares a cordial relationship with father.

Stock Market Astrology: Which nakshatra is good for the stock market?

The planet Jupiter is the significator of wealth. Also, if a person has a strong or good position of Rahu in the horoscope, then any Maha Dosha, Dosha or Anter Dosha having Rahu is appropriate time to invent in Stock. This will surely return a good profit for the person as per Stock Market Astrology.

Stock Market Astrology: Should I buy stocks when the market crashes?

Timing Is Critical In Every Profession. Putting Money Is The Market Is No Different, Good Timing In The Stock Market Means The Best Profit. It’s Most Important For Traders Than Investors. Professional Traders Earn Their Living Doing Best Trade Possible With The Best Timing. Astrological placement of suitable planets and stars combined with the knowledge of markets will be a lethal combination for a windfall gain as per Stock Market Astrology.

Stock Market Astrology Predictions for 2021


Ganesha says stock market is a very unstable, turbulent and uncertain thing to be predicted exactly and nobody likes to take risks In terms of money but astrology has tried to break the barriers and succeed Certain extent. Jupiter is the most beneficial planet for finance and banking.

Rahu indicates negative things in individual horoscopes and is considered inaudible but while talking about the financial market, it is considered greedy which helps the stock market to go higher.

As Jupiter and Rahu both are very fortunate for the stock market, Jupiter will be in Capricorn and Rahu Will be in Taurus and make a combination in 2021.


The above is the Indian stock market astrology prediction by Times of India.

In conclusion: How to improve financial position by Stock Market Astrology?

The question arises if it’s a case of, once someone is born and the birth chart “reveals” the personality and future – its game, set, match and one HAS TO become a hero or zero or languish in mediocrity. Not quite, just because one may have a few “favourable” things in his/her chart, does not mean positive events will automatically happen. Similarly, just because one may have a few “unfavourable” stuff in his/her chart, does not mean adverse events will automatically occur.

The financial markets are a dynamic entity fueled by many factors, some of which we can easily comprehend, some of which are esoteric. Astrological phenomena can drive price action and create trend changes across both short and longer-term time horizons. To make the most of this knowledge – apply it first hand, get your hands dirty, make trades, learn the lessons – practice, practice, practice.

*Astronomy is the study of everything in the universe beyond Earth’s atmosphere. That includes objects we can see with our naked eyes, like the Sun, the Moon, the planets, and the stars.

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